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Newspaper Print Famous Headlines, Tea, Blank Textiles

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BTR3972 HEADLINER TEA Blank Textiles
100 Cotton

Famous Headlines all in small articles. When you pick up this fantastic print, it might be a long while before you put it down.  It is so full of wonderful stories from the past and all true!  Too many to mention here but here are some of the great articles you will read about:  Glenn Orbits the Earth, Nixon Resigns, Kennedy Killed by Sniper, The War in Europe has Ended, Prevention of Polio in Vaccine Tests, Roosevelt Wins Fourth Term and more!

Also available on natural.

From Blank Textiles.

100% cotton, 44/45 inches wide.

This can be used for clothing, shirts, pillowcases, aprons and anything you would use a good quality cotton for.


$ 11.50 / yard

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