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Christmas Cherubs Natural Elizabeth Studio

M4102 NATURAL Elizabeth Studio
M4102 NATURAL Elizabeth Studio
100% cotton
cherubs cherub xmas angel angels fairy fairies red green gold white accented

Christmas Cherubs on a natural background.  The little cherubs are holding mistletoe.  There are misletoe wreaths with pretty red gold accented ribbons with doves touching the bottoms of the ribbons in a delightful pose.  The cherubs are simple adorable and their faces are beyond precious.   Also available on red at this time. 

We have 2 pieces remaining....

  • 1 3/4 yards.............enter 1.75 for the piece

From Elizabeth Studios.

100% cotton, 44/45 inches wide.

This can be used for clothing, shirts, pillowcases, aprons and anything you would use a good quality cotton for.


$ 10.75 / yard

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