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Bowling Pillow Panel Set Of 4 Classic Cottons

3177 5667 8T Classic Cottons
3177 5667 8T Classic Cottons
100% cotton
sports bowl bowling , red black gold greens white gray turquoise

Bowling Pillow Panel Set Of 4.  This is a one yard panel.

Shows men bowling with the names of bowling alleys around the picture.  Next to the man bowling is a lady in black and white tossing the ball as well.   Around the edges of the squares are names of bowling centers... Boston Ave. Bowling Alleys, Sunset Bowling Centers, Virginia Bowling Center, Hermosa Bowl, Bowling at the Bowl-O-Drome, Paradise Bowling Center, and Picwood Bowl.

From Classic Cottons.

100% cotton, 44/45 inches wide.

This can be used for clothing, shirts, pillowcases, aprons and anything you would use a good quality cotton for.

$ 8.95 / yard

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