Elvis Presley Fabrics

Elvis Pictures Bright Colors Cotton

black white blue gray orange turquoise green fuchsia
62027/X8000 ASSTD BLACK VIP Cranston
100% cotton


Elvis Presley pictures bright shows Elvis in both in shades of black and white and in bright colors.  


Please enter .75 for both pieces, thank you.

Elvis is in the house

limited we got 2 more pieces....

  • we have 1 yard remaining..... please enter 1.0 for the piece

  • we have 20 inches remaining.....please enter .58 for the piece

PLEASE ENTER 1.58 if you would like both pieces.

Licensed to Vip/Cranston

100% cotton. 44/45 inches wide

This can be used for clothing, shirts, pillowcases, aprons and anything you would use a good quality cotton for.