Alexander Henry Fabrics

Sea Sirens Blue, Alexander Henry

DE#7825-A BLUEAlexander Henry
DE#7825-A BLUEAlexander Henry
100% cotton
blue aqua turquoise blonde gold brown skin tone Mermaid water

Limited, we have 1 1/3rd yards remaining.  Please enter 1.34 for the piece.

Sea Sirens on blue. Lovely mermaids in their natural habitat with a background that shows the ocean floor with them holding on to anchors and sea chests.. also shown are fish in the background.  Each mermaid is covered nicely but not much.

From Alexander Henry

100% cotton 44/45 inches wide.

This can be used for clothing, shirts, pillowcases, aprons and anything you would use a good quality cotton for.

$ 11.95 / yard